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Enhanced DUC

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Enhanced DUC is a dynamic DNS update client and daemon. Primarily it's written for use with the DNS services that NoIP provide. However: the protocol is in an open format used by other service providers. I began working on the project in November 2015. The goal is to create a better update client for UNIX by using modern C coding practices.

Program releases

Version   Date MD5 checksum
v2.2   2021-04-09 c1312ed6116a349f20602adf64c4886b
v2.1   2019-06-16 a021abe3e2153397d68d9a7a0548ea60
v2.0.1   2018-04-14 fdfd0ca0d2eaeda6896cf6ff7c99e6a4
v2.0   2018-03-12 2147076dd05863cddb66042c8188b151
v1.6   2016-04-04 9c064d0f6040d1110394c158f87ace29

GitHub project

The program has a project page on GitHub



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